Using Twitter cards for better tweets

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See it here:

The main goal of this post is to test run using a Twitter card to make better tweets about publications.

This post did not work quite like I anticipated, mostly because of the way I publish my blog which focuses only on the HTML body. The meta tags that are needed for Twitter do not seem to get put in the header as needed. If I do a regular org export with HTML_HEAD options to get this page:, it did work. The page is pretty bare, but it could be embellished without much work.

Tweeting that URL led to this tweet:

On Twitter, this showed an image of the picture on the page, and linked directly to the page I made. The image is sized a little large and doesn't fit in card quite right, but this is probably fixable. This whole process could be smoothed out a lot with a custom export to get the twitter meta tags in the right place, and maybe provide links to bibtex files, analytics, etc. Sounds like a fun project ;)

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