Calling remote code-blocks in org-mode

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We often write code in supporting information files that generates figures or tables in a scientific manuscript. Today, we explore how to call those code blocks remotely but get the output in the file we call it from. We will write code in that generates an interactive figure that is presented in this file. We will use data published in hallenbeck-2015-compar-co2. You can find the data we used in the SI for that paper, or more conveniently here .

So, we make a named code block in the file called "figure-1". Then we call it like this:

#+call: :wrap html

That executes the code block in the other file, and wraps the output in an HTML block in this file! I do not like my code blocks to execute when I export because they are usually expensive calculations, so I have to manually run the line with C-c C-c, but you can override that behavior with a local setting of org-export-babel-evaluate. So, without further delay, here is the result. Now we have a nice, neat blog post file, with code in an file!

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