2015 in a nutshell for the Kitchin Research Group

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2015 was a busy, productive year for the Kitchin Research group. Here are a few of the highlights!

1 org-ref made it to Melpa

At long last org-ref has made it onto Melpa ! This makes it easy to install for many people. There are (as of this writing) 17 contributors to org-ref, with 677 commits to the repo . Thanks everyone who has reported issues, feature requests, etc. With your help we will make this the best way to write technical papers there is!

2 Student accomplishments

Congratulations to these students who completed their degrees! They do a lot of the hard work in the group, so also, many thanks to them!

Matt Curnan completed his PhD.

Siddharth Deshpande, Hari Thirumalai, Zhaofeng Chen, John Michael and Mehak Chawla completed their M.S. degrees.

Hari will be joining Lars Grabow at the University of Houston for a PhD program.

Nitish Govindarajan (MS 2014) will be leaving Bloom Energy to join the Van't Hoff Institute of Molecular Science (University of Amsterdam) to work on his PhD with funding from the Shell-Computational Sciences for Energy Research program.

Wenqin You (MS 2014) joined the PhD program in the Chemical Engineering Department at Georgia Tech.

John Michael has accepted a position with Eastern Research Group.

We already miss everyone who is leaving. Luckily, six new MS students are joining the group! Welcome to Chen Wang, Akshay Tharval, Teng Ma, Feiyang Geng, Devon Walker, and Tianyu Gao. We will also welcome a new PhD student Elif Erdinc who will be joining us in early 2016.

We also welcomed Kenate Nemera as a visiting Fulbright Scholar from Ethiopia to our group this past year.

3 Publications

We had a great year in publications. We have 5 out for review now, so next year will probably be good too!

Here are this year's papers. These were all written in org-mode!

Metal oxide papers

Oxygen evolution electrocatalysis:

Data sharing papers:

Alloy catalysis/surface science papers:

CO2 capture:

These were collaborative papers, they were not written in org-mode.


Our citation count has continued to rise!

Figure 1: Citation metrics for the Kitchin Research group.

This remarkable paper norskov-2004-origin has a total number of citations that exceeded 1000 this past year!

4 Social media

We had about 94 blog posts this past year. Traffic to our blog did not grow much this year, but it is a little higher than last year.

Figure 2: Web traffic to http://kitchingroup.cheme.cmu.edu for 2015.

5 Outlook for 2016

I am planning to continue promoting Emacs + org-mode for technical writing. org-ref is pretty good, and I expect to do mostly do some polishing on it. I will probably try to formalize ox-manuscript, which we use to create our scientific manuscripts. I will also try to formalize org-citeproc, which will let us use citations in non-LaTeX exports.

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