Update on org-ref - it is now all emacs-lisp

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The org-ref code is finally all in emacs-lisp! This should make it much easier to install, and is another step closer to getting org-ref into MELPA. Previously, I had written the most significant code in org-mode source blocks that were intended to be tangled out. I found this was not really portable, because what gets tangled depends on your org-mode setup. I had to specifically set example blocks to not tangle, or org-ref would not work for other people, and if I forgot to set a block to tangle, it also would not work for others. That should not happen again now, since there is no more tangling.

There are some relatively new features in org-ref:

  1. New colored org-ref links to differentiate them from other org-links. Citations are greenish, refs and labels are maroonish.
  2. Context messages about links. With your cursor on a cite, ref or label link you will get a context message, e.g. a formatted citation, some context about the label a ref refers to, or a count of the labels in the mini-buffer.
  3. There is now an org-ref menu in the Org menu.
  4. There is a new org-ref-help function that opens an org-file of org-ref documentation.
  5. Pretty thorough integration of helm throughout org-ref, and some integration of hydra.
  6. A few utility libraries: doi-utils, isbn, wos, pubmed, arxiv, jmax-bibtex, sci-id, x2bib. Not all these are new, but if you didn't know about them, check them out.
  7. Cask integration. This mostly provides access to testing and dependencies right now. org-ref is also now tested continuously at https://travis-ci.org/jkitchin/org-ref .

org-ref is basically feature complete I think (which is to say that once again, I do not have any big ideas for new features ;). There are some places where it could be refactored a little, e.g. there are some bibtex only functions in org-ref.el that really should go into jmax-bibtex.el (which also could be renamed). This is a very low priority though, because things are working fine as far as I can tell.

What does it need before going into MELPA? Probably some tests would be a good idea. On Travis, all that is really tested is that it loads with no errors. I would like to see some stability on my end, e.g. at least a week where no commits get made, and no errors are reported. And finally, I would like to make sure I have some time to handle issues that come up when a broader audience is trying it out.

My target date to get this in MELPA is June 1, 2015. Try out the new org-ref, and let me know how it goes!

Copyright (C) 2015 by John Kitchin. See the License for information about copying.

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