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I have played with a lot of options to give org-mode links extra functionality. Here are a few of the ideas I have looked at so far.

  1. Enabling right clicks on links
  2. A home made minibuffer menu in org-ref
  3. A helm buffer in org-ref

Here, I want to explore a hydra menu for a link. The idea is pretty simple, we need functions that do something with the link at point, and a hydra interface to call them. This turned out to be a little tricky. I could not get the path from the link in the link lambda function, and we need a way to pass the path to the function. I use a global variable for that. I wish there was another way to do that, but this does actually work. We illustrate it here with a more functional doi link.

(defun doi-crossref ()
  "Search DOI in CrossRef."
    "" *doi-hydra-path*)))

(defun doi-google-scholar ()
  "Google scholar the doi."
    "" *doi-hydra-path*)))

(defun doi-pubmed ()
  "Pubmed the doi."
    (url-hexify-string *doi-hydra-path*))))

 (defhydra doi-hydra ()
   ("c" doi-crossref "Crossref")
   ("g" doi-google-scholar "Google Scholar")
   ("p" doi-pubmed "Pubmed"))

(org-add-link-type "doi"
  (lambda (path) (setq *doi-hydra-path* path) (doi-hydra/body)))
lambda (path) (setq doi-hydra-path path) (doi-hydra/body)

Now for a test, 10.1021/jp047349j.

It works fine, when you click on a link, you get a minibuffer menu with context hints, and pressing any other key than is defined simply cancels the command.

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